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Examples of Client Work

To help gain a better understanding of how we work, we can provide examples of the nature and outcomes of typical projects for several Service Areas:

Consulting: We strongly believe informed buyers benefit through more effective decisions. A typical client engagement may suggest advice and guidance is more important than changing a carrier or provider. Projects often include achieving the appropriate types of plans offered, design, or administrative structure, which can often be best accomplished with existing providers or through direct programs or pools. Public sector clients often have unique needs in working with pools and consortiums, or understanding and influencing legislation. Our in-depth expertise, disciplines, and analytical capabilities can provide significant value without having to change providers, carriers or administrators.

Brokerage Services: We believe placement of insurance or other products is secondary to design and administrative considerations. We work with virtually any carrier-over the years, a significant portion of our work includes acting as a designated representative whether or not we actually place coverage. We have experience placing risks in both traditional markets as well as specialty markets such as Lloyds of London or risk groups.

Financial Analysis and Forecasts: Many plans involve trusts or separate pools of assets to fund benefit obligations. We provide financial forecasts, trend analysis, claim and demographic analysis to help establish funding objectives and rate structure for plans. We provide longer term cost forecasts that include internal plan cost trends and other factors that impact cost planning. We have access to risk analysis tools, actuarial services, and plan modeling tools to assist in developing forecasts and plan budgets.

Human Resource Services: Managing human capital, compensation and benefit plans is a complex process involving different providers, work groups, labor arrangements and business factors. We provide services relating to plan communication and education, enrollment, human resource policy manuals, targeted strategies such as wellness or financial education, as well as labor negotiation consulting.

Outsourcing/Insourcing and Risk Transfer: We assist customers in evaluating appropriate structure of administrative services and insurance transfer. For example, client engagements often suggest different risk transfer through Stop Loss or insurance design may provide financial advantages. Critical administrative functions such as claim processing are evaluated based on provider procedures, structure and other factors. We evaluate providers considering cost, market dynamics, people and processes in light of client objectives. Benefit Plan trusts or plan assets and funding levels may be used to develop tailored risk transfer solutions using detailed claim data, analytical tools and actuarial tools.

Management and Employee Focus Groups: We provide services to design and manage decision processes unique to specific client objectives. For example, a client may need to comply with new retirement plan regulations and develop revised plans, products and procedures. Labor strategies may benefit from employee focus groups to develop better understanding of needs or educate constituents and develop solutions.

Plan Fiduciary Guidance and Services: A fiduciary is any person who retains the responsibility of managing a plan for the benefit of another. We believe all persons who manage benefit plans have an obligation of trust, prudence and perspective that is uniquely focused on the beneficiaries of a program while considering the necessary and appropriate structure of plan services. Our discipline and training has emphasized this framework, and we advise clients on maintaining this standard.